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Our road bike luggage system!

Motonaut Extreme Sport gives you the benefit of an extra, soft luggage rack on the passenger seat.

The Motonaut Extreme Sport contains:

– Motonaut Rack Sport
– Two Motonaut Adjustastraps
– Two Motonaut Mounting Loops

With the Motonaut Extreme Sport you can easily fit a large bag behind you and be able to carry a large amount of luggage.

The fit is universal, using mounting points that are common to almost every motorcycle made!

You attach the Motonaut Rack Sport to your motorcycle by running the two front straps around the passenger footpegs, frame or other suitable mounting point and then attach the rear strap around the aft part of the frame including farings and fender, placing the rectangle on the passenger seat.

Our Mounting Loops are supplied with the kit to pull a strap through and make a more permanent attachment to the frame possible.

Once the Motonaut Rack has been mounted on your motorcycle, you can use it to safely tie down luggage using the supplied Adjustastraps.

The Adjustastraps are easily adjustable between 70 and 120 cm and thereby finally get rid of the long ends being an safety issue and hard to stow away.

The Motonaut Extreme Sport is a high quality product, designed and made in Sweden.

The mounting instruction can also be downloaded here.

Please be aware that no dry bags are supplied.


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