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Two up with rackless soft luggage – the light way to do it!

At Motonaut, we know just how versatile our rackless & modular soft luggage system, the Motonaut Rack, is. We want you to know too, so we will use our blog to show you examples!

In this blog post I’ll show you how to use Motonaut Rack to take 100 liters of luggage and a passenger on a 650-class thumper, in this case the venerable Suzuki DR650SE.

The standard setup of Motonaut Rack looks like this:



Note the addition of a small bar for keeping the dry bag off the exhaust. It’s not necessary for the heat, but helps keep the bag cool-ish and keeps it of the direction indicator. This is actually a rock protector for the rear shifter on a mountain bike and only cost about €3.

Then we add some padding for the passenger (since the stock seat is horrible). It is just an old sleeping mat that has been cut to fit and extends the saddle a bit and provides more cushioning.


Then we add two small dry bags (20 l each) on the sides by using the front and rear rings, as well as the front mounting straps, of the Motonaut Rack. The rear straps are just run through the ring and around the bag. The front straps first go thought the ring, then over the bag and around the front mounting strap before coming back over the bag again. This creates a solid mounting, keeping the bag in place!


Finally we put the top bag (60 l) on by using the rear rings and the fender strap to run the straps through, giving the passenger plenty of room and a nice backrest.


This is how you get enough luggage for a weekend away together without adding tens of kilograms of metal luggage racks and hard boxes to your bike. Total weight for all the luggage on this trip was 21-22 kg…

Material used:

  • 1 Suzuki DR650SE
  • 1 Motonaut Rack Kit (Motonaut Rack on the bike + 6 Adjustastraps to attach the bags)
  • 2 small dry bags, 20 l each
  • 1 large dry bag, 60 l
  • 1 mountain bike rock protector

Cost for this setup (excl bike!) is about €150. The Motonaut Rack can be bought in our shop and the bags and rock protector can be bought in most sporting equipment stores.


I hope you get to go out and enjoy the summer from your motorcycle!

Ride Free & Go Anywhere!


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