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Slideshow from the 2010 ride around the Rocky Mountains


In 2010 I took a 45-day road trip around the Rocky Mountains, travelling the height of USA twice.

I bought a used Suzuki DR350S for the fair price of $990 and spent a few hours on preparing it for the trip. Basically gave it an oil change & valve adjustment, got a set of higher handlebars & barkbusters and figured out how to mount the spare fuel canister and luggage. This luggage solution became the starting point, since it’s light weight and low price showed that adventure luggage does not have to be hard or expensive!

I left Boulder, Colorado, for British Columbia in Canada, from where I turned south until I hit the Mexican border in Tijuana. From there I made my way back to Boulder and sold the bike before I flew down to Lima, Peru, to continue my journey. But that’s another story…


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