The World’s Lightest Luggage System!

Motonaut Extreme is probably the most versatile and robust system you can buy! It is modular, allowing you to attach different forms of bags and luggage to your motorcycle.


Our strap-based luggage systems securely hold dry bags to your motorcycle. The straps are light, yet incredibly strong (400 kg) and can easily be repaired or replaced in the field. See these real world reviews from Women ADV Riders and The DIY Biker!

Luggage volumes between 5 and 140 liters are possible by just switching dry bags!

In addition, our well-designed system is both safer to use and easier to handle than regular straps.

If you have a motorcycle, you should have a Motonaut luggage system! See our YouTube channel for more information.

Motonaut was born from the will to explore without being bound to a specific motorcycle or heavy, expensive luggage systems. Therefore we have created the world’s lightest motorcycle luggage system, that can be attached to virtually any motorcycle in a few minutes.

Less weight means more freedom to explore. Soft luggage is also less likely to hurt you in a fall.

See this slideshow from the trip that started it all!

I hope that you will enjoy to ride free & go anywhere with Motonaut!

Yours sincerely,

Kristofer, founder