Motonaut Extreme


Our flagship product, Motonaut Extreme, is a modular luggage system for your motorcycle, and is the best choice for your offroad or enduro motorcycle.

The name comes from its abilities:

Lightweight (<1 kg)
Robust (straps are good for 400 kg, all other hardware at least 200 kg)
Flexible (attach anything to your motorcycle)
Modular (use dry bags to achieve luggage volumes of 5 to 140 liters using the same system)
Good value (<€100 for a full kit)
Safe (designed to protect you in a fall, great strap slack control)

Motonaut Extreme Basic


A cheaper version of our outstanding Motonaut Extreme luggage system. It has the same basic capabilities at an unbeatable price!

Motonaut Extreme Sport


We have adapted our Motonaut Extreme to suit sport motorcycles, giving you new ways to explore! Motonaut Extreme Sport can hold up to a 60 l bag on your motorcycle and weighs less than 0,5 kg/1 lb!

Motonaut DirtEater Gloves


After years of disappointment with expensive “brand” gloves that give less protection than they promise, we decided to make our own gloves with great protection at a fantastic price! We are extremely proud to introduce the Motonaut DirtEater Gloves! They will be available in one ventilated summer version and one insulated and water protected all season version, to suit most riding conditions. We make this full-leather glove available to you for only €59! Even better is that the pre-orders are only €49! Sign up now (non-binding), by mailing and confirm your interest!